Politics with Principles: Frances Perkins’ Rocky Road to Washington

    Janet Parnes of historical Portrayals by Lady J. Millis will portray Miss Perkins for a performance on Oct. 22. Courtesy photo

    Frances Perkins, the country’s first female cabinet secretary, is regarded as one of America’s most influential women of the first half of the 20th century. Yet, she sits in American history’s back seat.

    On Oct. 22 at 2 p.m., the North Attleborough Historical Society will host a performance, “Politics with Principles: Frances Perkins’ Rocky Road to Washington.” This portrayal of Frances Perkins will take place at the Little Red Schoolhouse 362 North Washington St., North Attleborough. The event is free of charge.

    Come soak up stories from this woman who defied the conventions of her middle-class Worcester upbringing to become a driving force behind laws that govern workplace justice. Learn about the New York factory fire that sparked her years of relentless campaigning to (among other things) eliminate hazardous, filthy workplace conditions, reduce crushing work-week hours, enact the minimum wage, and eliminate child labor in New York. She would later incorporate these into the New Deal as the country’s first female cabinet secretary—Secretary of Labor in the FDR administration.

    As you walk through the personal and professional trials and triumphs of this heroic, principled politician, be prepared to discover her secrets to building alliances and staring down bullies to make government a champion for retirees, working people, and children.