Amvet Boulevard students arrive for their first day of classes

Amvet Elementary Principal Alec Ciminello waves to a student on the first day of school, Aug. 30. Staff Photo/Max Bowen

The first day of school was filled with introductions at Amvet Boulevard Elementary.

An estimated 420 Amvet students in grades K-5 began their school year on Aug. 30, meeting their teachers and classmates, learning everyone’s names, finding their lockers, and reviewing their daily schedules. This was also the first day at the other elementary schools, and the middle and high schools.

Walking up and down the hallways, students waved to their friends passing by or another teacher or faculty member.

Amvet Elementary Principal Alec Ciminello said the students and parents were able to arrive on time and safely without issue.

“The first day has been excellent,” Ciminello said. “The kids are getting back into the routine and procedures of the classrooms, and the parents have also been great so far.”

According to Ciminello, teachers and administrative staff will spend the month of September getting students acclimated to their classrooms and grades. He said the students should feel comfortable at school and with their teachers to have the best experience possible.

“There’s a lot of getting to know the kids,” he said. “Not just in a talking way but in a way that helps them.”

Teachers spent the mornings introducing themselves and the classroom to their students.

Emily Barner taught her kindergarten class how to enter and exit the classroom in a straight line quietly and read them a story about the first day of school. Barner said she wants them to learn the positive experience of being a student and that her classroom is where they can feel comfortable.

“They are safe and loved here,” Barner said. “This is a place to learn and become and a place where they are going to learn here.”

Haley Rouleau’s fifth-grade class spent the morning doing arts and crafts projects and introductory activities to become more acquainted with their peers.

“It’s a slow start to help them get back into the year,” Rouleau said. “It’s a way to help them readjust.”

While there was plenty of eagerness from students to begin their new classes, there was even more excitement about the new playground installed over the summer. It features a slide, swing set, and other equipment, and was paid for through a combination of fundraising and money allocated by the town.

Ciminello said the students could not use it on the first day of school due to rain but that many children would want a turn on it during recess.

“The kids are so excited to play on it,” Ciminello said. “We even had to set up rules so they can all get a turn.”