North Attleborough Animal Shelter Pet of the Week

    North Attleboro - Plainville Rotary Club is seeking out this year's Rotary Club distinguished Service Awards Recipients

    Bella is a sweet 7-month-old Jack Russel terrier mix who is a little shy at first but a love bug once she warms up. It will take one treat and a couple of “pretty girls” and she is yours. Bella is small, about 25 pounds of pure energy. Her breed is very loyal and loving. The breed is highly intelligent and will learn very quickly.

    It’s recommended that Bella be placed with older children and be the only dog, though she is good with cats. This dog needs an active family that will take her on long walks and car rides. This puppy will never be a couch potato, but an active part of the family.  Bella is short-haired, so not much shedding at all.  This little girl will always be happy to see you every time.

    If you are interested in Bella or any of the wonderful animals at NAAS please call 508-699-0128 or email us at

    Even if you are not currently looking to adopt an animal, help the shelter by donating one of the following items: 39-gallon or larger garbage bags, Pine Sol, bleach, paper towels and moist cat food, dry cat, and kitten food, fresh vegetables, Timothy hay, hamster food, bedding, towels and old new papers.

    The shelter also collects returnable bottles, cans, and glass, and this helps the animals in various way.