Fire captain completes Managing Officer Program

North Attleborough Fire Capt. Scott Langille has completed the National Fire Academy's Managing Officer Program. Courtesy Photo
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Staff Report

North Attleborough Fire Capt. Scott Langille has completed the National Fire Academy’s Managing Officer Program, according to a statement from Chief Christopher Coleman.

Capt. Langille recently completed the National Fire Academy’s Managing Officer Program in Emmitsburg, Maryland. The program is a multi-year curriculum that introduces emerging emergency services leaders to personal and professional skills in change management, risk reduction and adaptive leadership.

“We are extremely proud of Capt. Langille for completing this rigorous program,” Coleman said. “I’m confident that with the knowledge and skills he gained, Captain Langille will help us to further professionalize our department to ensure that we deliver the best services possible to our community.”

Those who complete the program receive instruction on leadership, community risk reduction, firefighter and community safety, contemporary training issues and analytical tools for decision making. Students also gain critical insight regarding national response planning and incident management.

At the end of his courses, Langille developed and completed a capstone project to demonstrate application of course theory that benefited members of the fire department and the community.

Langille’s capstone project was developing and implementing a small, unmanned drone program in the department. As part of the project, he developed a Standard Operating Procedure for the program which outlines the proper use of the drone, proper drone team deployment and a training plan for members of the team. He also researched drone units and accessories that would meet the needs of the department.

Since the start of the capstone project, the NAFD has bought a drone that features high-resolution thermal imaging, a spotlight and loudspeaker, and can be projected onto a larger screen for incident commanders. The department has also had four members receive Federal Aviation Administration certification to operate the drone.

To date, the drone has been used during several search and rescue missions, several brush fire reconnaissance missions, as well as some preplanning missions.

“The National Fire Academy’s Managing Fire Officer Program is instrumental in helping create a fire-safe America by offering firefighters and officers the opportunity to network, learn and grow as fire service leaders,” Capt. Langille said. “With the advancement in technology in recent years and through project research, I believe we can greatly enhance the safety of firefighters and other public safety responders, as well as civilians and the community, by integrating different types of unmanned robotic technology within our respective departments throughout the country.”

Capt. Langille joined the North Attleboro Fire Department as a call firefighter in 1996. In July 2000, he was promoted to a full-time position and has since risen to the rank of captain. Langille currently oversees the Unmanned Aerial System Team, Fire Investigation Unit and is a member of the department’s SAFE team