North Attleborough Animal Shelter Pet of the Week


The Animal Shelter has one giant couch potato named Beast. He loves his scratches on his head and massive body, but don’t try to pick him up unless you have upper body strength. Besides his size, he is very loving. Beast has been declawed on all four paws and after some human took all his defenses from him and then they dumped him out on the side of the road. A cat without his claws will never survive because he could not even climb a tree to escape a possible predator nor fight to defend himself. Even though he has been through all this he is still a loving cat.

Beast has a clean bill of health, FIV and Leukemia negative, he has been microchipped and up to date with his vaccines and has been neutered. He is an 8-year-old, domestic shorthair. He is ready for a good home that will give him a promise of lasting loving.

If you are interested in Beast or any of the wonderful animals at NAAS please call 508-699-0128 or email us at

Even if you are not currently looking to adopt an animal, help the shelter by donating one of the following items: 39-gallon or larger garbage bags, Pine Sol, bleach, paper towels and moist cat food, dry cat, and kitten food, fresh vegetables, Timothy hay, hamster food, bedding, towels and old new papers.

The shelter also collects returnable bottles, cans, and glass, and this helps the animals in various way.