Tri-County RVTHS wrestling team sees success in this season

Tri-County RVTHS’ wrestling team, The Cougars, have seen great success this season with state and division titles. Courtesy photo/Tri-County High School
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Tri-County RVTHS’ wrestling team, The Cougars, have gone undefeated this year with an overall record of 24-0. Led by Coaches Steve LaPlante, Drew Stowik, Harry Takesian and Matt Hogan, along with Senior Captains Teddy Connors, Aidan Weeman and Marco Pantazopoulos, this team of male and female student wrestlers have been titled Mayflower League Champions, Division 3 Central sectional Champions, State Vocational Champions and more.

LaPlante, teacher and coach at Tri-County RVTHS for 19 years, wrestled throughout middle and high school, and learned from the best.

“My coach (Steve Gordon) was a hall of famer, he really showed me how to do it,” he said.

Additionally, Takesian has brought in world class clinicians like Kyle Snyder for wrestling clinics.

LaPlante credits the wrestlers themselves, and feels lucky to “Have athletes who buy in,” to have students who strive for achievement and really focus. Yet, focus is just one piece of the puzzle, according to LaPlante, who believes in “F.A.T.E.” Not an uncontrollable destiny, but focus, attitude, toughness, and effort. LaPlante is also a believer in the Tri-County RVTHS motto, “Work hard, today counts,” stating “Hard work every day, what we do every day has an impact.”

This hard work is highlighted by standout individual achievements including, but not limited to, Brandon Allen, Sectional Champion with 41 wins this season, Madi Dowd, fourth at Girls All States, Cole King, third in the Section, and Aidan Weeman, who was third at D3 States with 46 wins this season and over 100 career wins.

The coaches teach the techniques and advise the best they can, but the wrestlers’ drive and determination is what pushes the team over the edge. LaPlante put it best, “Only you can control your fate.”