LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Endorsements for Andrea Slobogan

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I strongly support the re-election of Andrea (Annie) Slobogan, and encourage all residents of North Attleborough to vote for Annie. I have the pleasure of working with Annie at Hasbro, Inc in Pawtucket while also being a fellow North Attleborough resident. Over the last several years, I have been so impressed by her commitment to the growth and well-being of North Attleborough. Annie truly loves this town, and it shows in everything she does.

Main streets and downtowns are the lifeblood of a healthy community, and Annie’s passion for and approach to building a thriving downtown are steadfast. She is creating and supporting events not only for North Attleborough residents, but to bring in people from neighboring towns as well. Annie is working to make it easier for businesses to open their doors – and to keep them open. I love going downtown and seeing a new restaurant, boutique, or brewery. You can feel and see the momentum of a thriving community.

Recently, my brother visited. He had not seen North Attleborough’s downtown in years, and was genuinely impressed with how much it had grown. The energy of that main street America vibe is palpable. It was great to hear this affirmation from a non-resident, and know that all the hard work and commitment from people like Annie was making a real difference.

The most exceptional part is how much Annie was able to accomplish during her past two years on Town Council, as all of us were trying to get back to normal life during the Covid pandemic.  Just imagine what she will do during her next term!  Vote Andrea Slobogan.  In doing so, you are contributing to the continued growth, prosperity and unique charm of North Attleborough.

Thank you, Jerry Jivoin

Annie is a leader who will stand up for what is right. Annie has served on the Town Council for the past two years. She has always kept the best interest of our town in mind and stood up for ideas that what will bring smart growth to North Attleborough while maintaining our town’s traditions.

Annie is a creative and passionate planner. She has spearheaded the weekly Farmer’s Market, revived the annual Downtown Block Party and created a Hallmark-vibe in town during the Christmas holidays with the Kringle Mart and the Holiday reception.

Annie has a personal and professional stake in North Attleborough. She has raised her family here in town. Her husband owns The Preservation Framer and the Churchwood Gallery downtown. Annie chairs the Downtown North Attleborough Collaborative. She is continuously championing the downtown businesses while collaborating with artisans, vendors, small businesses and nonprofits to bring culture, entertainment and business to our town.

Annie’s heart and leadership are needed on the Town Council. Please consider supporting this dynamic candidate.

Sincerely, Lisa Deck