LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Gould demonstrates a keen mind for the town’s issues

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To the Voters of North Attleboro:
As a North Attleborough resident, I write to express support for Mark Gould as he seeks reelection to the North Attleborough Town Council. I will be voting for Mark Gould because he is passionately interested in the town’s future and he understands the communities’ needs.

Gould has demonstrated his deep interest and concern for North Attleborough by his unpaid service on the town council and many other committees. Gould’s focus is to benefit the community.

Gould’s experience as a finance director and lawyer helps benefit the town because he serves on the bylaw and finance committees. Gould astutely takes care of the town’s business and asks perceptive questions. I proudly express my support for Mark Gould to be elected to the Town Council and I know that he will continue to diligently serve North Attleborough and its residents.

Sincerely, Marc Cesar