LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Simmons, Slobogan and Stone have impacted many


North Attleborough is a better place to live thanks to John Simmons, Annie Slobogan and Sarah Stone. Even if you do not know them personally, you have likely been positively impacted by their contributions to the town.

Although most people know I am in business with John, most do not know that we first met when he was a den leader for one of my sons in Cub Scouts. Over the years, we have developed a deeper friendship and he’s like the brother I never had.  John is a man of principal, who is fiercely protective of his friends, family and the Town of North Attleborough. He recognizes that while some things are truly worth fighting for, it is rarely productive to speak for the sake of hearing your own voice. John’s contributions to North Attleborough are usually performed quietly and humbly, but he is often found volunteering his time and supporting local organizations in a multitude of ways.

My favorite thing about Annie is that she is fearless and open minded. She isn’t afraid to try new things if she thinks that it will help the community and the small, local business owners. With passion and creativity, Annie has quietly transformed North Attleborough with the Farmers’ Market and Block Party, while also reimagining existing ways of doing things. It was actually through my friendship with John that I first met Annie, but I’m now honored to have her as a friend as well.

Nobody is more vested in our students than Sarah Stone. In addition to her amazing leadership as a current School Committee member, she was the architect behind Fuel for the Weekend, making sure that no child in town has to struggle with food insecurity. Over the last few years, she has been recognized by many, including with the North Attleborough/Plainville Rotary Club’s Distinguished Service Award; however, it is the growing group of volunteers within the program who will speak her highest praises.

Please consider supporting and re-electing John Simmons and Annie Slobogan for Town Council, as well as Sarah Stone for School Committee.

Sincerely, Faye Weiner-Jackson