Planned memorial receives help from Tullie Family Foundation

The proposed design of a monument dedicated to North Attleborough residents who served in the Global War on Terror. The fundraising effort has received support from the Tullie Family Foundation, which will double every dollar donated. Courtesy photo
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The North Attleborough War on Terror Monument, a proposed memorial to those who served in the Iraq War on Terror, has received a major backer.

The Tullie Family Foundation in La Jolla, Calif. announced last month a pledge to double every dollar donated to the project. For every donation submitted to the memorial, the foundation will match the donation to pay for 50% of the required $150,000 needed to build and transport the monument to Barrows Memorial Park.

Tom Tullie, the head of the foundation, said he was inspired to donate in memory of his late father, Thomas R. Tullie. Tullie’s father served in the Navy as a Master Chief and as the Veterans Agent for the City of Attleboro. Tullie said if his father was alive today, he would find ways to build the monument.

“The servicemen and women who have given their blood, sweat, and tears to defend our country and its citizens during this lasting war on terror deserve the same recognition and respect as our veterans of previous wars and conflicts,” Tullie said.  “I am sure if my dad was alive today he would be finding a way to muster support and finances to get this monument built.”

Gregory Mayer, a veteran of the War on Terror and member of the Friends of North Attleborough Monuments, said he was delighted to receive the support of the foundation.

“This is exciting news since every dollar donated to the monument will be doubled,” Mayer said.  “Thanks to a generous offer from the Tullie Family Foundation, every dollar donated to North Attleboro’s Global War On Terrorism Monument will be matched.”

According to the organization’s Facebook page, as of Feb. 9, $36,916 out of $150,000 has been raised.  The organization has a Facebook, gofundme, and venmo page for donations. Mayer said the group also accepts physical checks. The $150,000 will be used to build the black granite structure and for transportation to Barrows Park.  A groundbreaking date has not been finalized yet.

Donations can be made at the following websites.


Venmo: @FriendsofNAMonuments

Physical checks can be sent to the following location:

Friends of North Attleboro Monuments

P.O. Box 372

North Attleboro, MA 02761