Artist uses his creative works to battle addiction

25 works created by local artist Todd Alsworth will be on display at Churchwood Gallery for a reception being held this Saturday. Alsworth has pursued art his entire life, but found it helpful in maintaining his sobriety. Courtesy photo
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As part of a continuing showcase of local creatives, the Churchwood Gallery is holding a reception for Todd Alsworth this Saturday, Feb. 11, from 7-9 p.m. The show is titled “Sessions” and will feature a variety of abstract works by Alsworth. The following was submitted by the gallery.

Alsworth has had an on and off affair with art since a child—his mother’s house was a gallery of sorts, filled with his grandmother’s works of art. Alsworth used to draw quite often, and in high school was awarded “Excellence in Art.” He enrolled in Mass College of Art, but working two jobs and trying to go to college becoming overwhelming. He decided to give school a rest and focused his art on creative writing.

In March of 2021, Alsworth’s father passed away, after which he started drinking at an alarming rate. Coming to the realization that he wanted to change his life for the better, he quit drinking and used his creative instincts to battle withdrawal and temptation. Alsworth bought a canvas, paint supplies and didn’t look back. Making his living as a chef, he manages to make time to paint, producing an astounding amount of work, using his creativity to remain positive and move forward.

“Sessions” is a collection of 25 abstract paintings capturing his recent journey. His work is large, bright, rhythmical and reflects his positive movement towards clarity as he transcends immense loss and sadness.

The event is free and family-friendly, and will include Alsworth’s original music throughout the evening.