Blue Apple Bus announces new service from the Mansfield MBTA Station to Logan Airport

The new Blue Apple Bus will take passengers from the MBTA station in Mansfield to Logan Airport. Courtesy photo
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Blue Apple Bus Company announced the company has begun daily bus service from the Mansfield MBTA Station to Logan Airport in Boston.

John Cogliano, President and CEO of Blue Apple Bus Company, said that the new service provides a reliable transportation option that is cost effective for the public.

“The Blue Apple bus service will start with ten daily round trips of bus service from Mansfield to Logan Airport from 3 a.m. to 9 p.m. and from Logan Airport to Mansfield from 4:45 a.m. to 10:45 p.m.,” he said. “In addition, this new daily bus service will increase over the next several months to hourly bus service from Mansfield to Logan Airport. The Blue Apple Bus service from Mansfield to Logan Airport is a game-changer for people living along the Route 95 Corridor.”

“The launch of the Blue Apple bus service is a big win for our region. Bus shuttle service from the Mansfield MBTA Station to Logan Airport provides a critical missing link that will support economic development, more efficient transportation to and from Boston, and an added level of comfort to residents in our area.  I’m particularly proud of how the local, state, and federal partnerships with the Blue Apple Bus Company came together and enabled us to get this new bus service running that will directly benefit people in Bristol and Norfolk counties and nearby towns and cities,” said State Sen. Paul Feeney (D-Foxborough).

“This new Blue Apple Bus service launch is a great example of how local, state, and federal authorities can come together and build partnerships with companies to enhance life in our community. The new service from the Mansfield MBTA station to Logan Airport will provide our residents with more access to Boston and the airport, promoting new economic development and making our community an even better place to live,” said State Rep. Adam Scanlon (D-North Attleborough).

Parking for passengers using the Blue Apple Bus airport express bus service is available at the Foundry Parking Facility located at Howe Street, in Mansfield adjacent to the MBTA Mansfield Station Parking Facility.

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