Volleyball exhibition demonstrates the 9-man format

Sara Katya saves her JV volleyball team by returning a ball. Photo by Adam Bass
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Haley Carr returns the ball to her opponent at the volleyball tournament at North Attleborough High School, held on June 11. Photo by Adam Bass


A volleyball exhibition held on Saturday, June 11, featured local and state teams and showcased the origins of the “9-man” version.

Organized by David Chee—a volleyball referee and former player—the event was held at North Attleborough High School. It opened with the girls teams playing against three Boston women’s volleyball teams. Men’s teams also took the court and to play in the 9-man format.

First created in the 1930s by Chinese laundry workers as a means of socializing, the 9-man form of volleyball grew in popularity. These players had limited opportunities in other organizations due to discrimination, said Chee, and sometimes played in the street or parking lots.