New Amvet Boulevard principal brings years of working with elementary students

Alec Ciminello will assume the role of principal at Amvet Boulevard School in July. He said the town had impressed him with its support of the schools. Courtesy photo.
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By Max

Citing North Attleborough’s strong support of its schools, Alec Ciminello said he is looking forward to taking the top spot at Amvet Boulevard School.

Ciminello was recently announced to be the district’s choice to be the school’s next principal, taking a role formerly held by Kristine Kefor. In May, Kefor announced she would be stepping down to pursue an administrative role at Palmer River School in Rehoboth.

Ciminello had been considering returning to the Massachusetts school system after eight years working in Rhode Island, and that he’s been impressed by the North Attleborough Schools.

You can tell the value the town of North Attleborough puts on education,” he said. “Talking about the parents, they value education.”

The current principal of Northern Lincoln Elementary School in Lincoln, Ciminello said Rhode Island has a solid education system, but he’s seen first-hand how Massachusetts schools excel. Prior to working in Lincoln, Ciminello served for 14 years as a principal of various schools in Westport.

Massachusetts as a state has an excellent education program,” he said. “Nothing against Rhode Island, but Massachusetts really pushes education and is really are the forefront of the country in education.”

Much of Ciminello’s career has been in elementary schools, with a brief foray in middle and high school education. He said that working with students at the elementary level can provide the best opportunity to effect positive change.

You can instill that love of learning in them early on,” he said.

According to an announcement sent by Superintendent John Antonucci, during Ciminello’s time as a principal, he developed and maintained school budgets and capital improvement projects, devised innovative concepts, ideas, and plans to engage parents, and developed community education events, among other accomplishments.

Ciminello also served for several years as an assistant principal in the Mansfield Public Schools, an adjunct professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and a teacher in the New Bedford and Nantucket Public Schools. Ciminello is a Principal Mentor with the National Association of Elementary School Principals, is the founder/director of Paint Your Heart Out of Greater New Bedford, and is the co-executive dDirector of the Ciminello Scholarship Fund.

Alec has been a passionate and dedicated educational administrator for more than two decades, and his wealth of experience will undoubtedly serve the students, staff and community of the Amvet School well,” wrote Antonucci in the announcement. “I want to thank everyone who contributed to the thorough search process for choosing the next leader of the Amvet School, and we look forward to welcoming Alec to our district so he can start meeting with families in preparation for next school year.”

Ciminello will assume the role of principal of the Amvet School on July 1, the same day Kefor begins working in Rehoboth. When asked about his first days at the school, Ciminello said that visibility was a key factor.

Letting people know who you are,” he said. “Doing what you usually do, but going that extra mile for folks.”