Little League parade returns after a two-year absence

Baseball and softball players with the Little North Attleborough League took part in the annual parade on Saturday, April 30. Players, coaches, and their parents walked from the middle school to Mason Field to enjoy day of games and activities. Staff Photo/Max Bowen
Maddie Levine sang the National Anthem at Mason Field. Staff Photo/Max Bowen

By Max

A hallmark of the Little North Attleborough League’s season returned to thunderous response as hundreds of players walked the streets of North Attleborough.

Players on the softball and baseball teams assembled at the middle school and walked to Mason Field, where LNAL President Sean Walsh addressed the crowds and thanked everyone for being there. Walsh said it was amazing to see everyone there, the first time that the parade was held since 2019.

It’s great for the kids,” said Walsh afterward. “It brings a lot of excitement. I also think it’s a good sign that some things are changing.”

Walsh said having the parade back brought a lot of excitement, but also camaraderie for the players, since it gave them the chance to experience the game with their friends. Following the parade, players for the chance to enjoy some fun activities and play several games throughout the afternoon. Maddie Levine, a student at Martin Elementary School, sang a soulful rendition of the National Anthem.

(L-R) Hudson Bickford, Owen Deschenes, and Judd Galego, members of the Cleveland Guardians, walked in the annual LNAL Parade, which was suspended for two years due to COVID. Staff Photo/Max Bowen

This experience here, culminated by this day, a chance to play with your buddies and do some things that you normally wouldn’t do in some other settings,” said Walsh.

Varsity Baseball Coach Mike Hart introduced members of the team and offered his support to the young players. State Rep. Adam Scanlon thanked all the league supporters. He said this day was about more than baseball and softball—it was about being together as a team.

You guys that open your hearts and your wallet and your time were able to help make this a great event a wonderful success today,” said Scanlon.

This year also marked a brand new LNAL Board of Directors. Walsh said these were big shoes to fill, and the previous board had been very helpful in making this year’s parade happen. This board also helped arranged seasons as soon as the summer of 2020 and adjusted to meet the changing situation.

You know, they really persevered,” said Walsh. “And for me personally, that’s something that I just won’t forget.”

Walsh said that playing sports at a young age can be a great help developmentally, and the players are given every opportunity to succeed. He said the league isn’t driven by profit, but a chance to do a good thing through sports.

So we tried to set the league up as well as we can where the kids experience more fun,” he said. “And they experience more success than they normally do.”