North Attleborough Fire Log, March 27-April 3

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From March 27- April 3, the North Attleborough Fire Department responded to 97 calls for emergency assistance.

  • 49 were EMS responses with 31 requiring advanced life support measures
  • 5 motor vehicle collisions with reported injuries
  • 4 brush fire/outside fire/ illegal burning investigations

The remaining responses were due to a variety of otherwise unspecified reasons.

Reminder: Though ‘Open Burning’ season is still in effect until May 1, residents must abide by applicable rules and regulations, including calling the phone number listed on each permit to ensure burning is being allowed that day. Numerous factors impact whether or not burning might be permitted on a given day.

So not only is it extremely important to have a hose and shovel ready and a responsible adult tending to the fire at all times, but also making sure conditions are even safe for burning as determined by the fire department is a requirement as well.