Longtime North resident appointed to Veterans Agent position

Stephen Travers, speaking at the March 28 meeting, was confirmed to be North Attleborough’s new Veterans Agent. Courtesy Photo/NorthTV
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By Max Bowen

Described as a “problem solver” who can figure out solutions, Stephen Travers was confirmed to be the town’s next Veterans Agent.

Travers, a longtime North Attleborough resident, was the top pick out of 15 applicants for the position. Rebecca Jennings, who has been the Veterans Agent since 2015, stepped down in early March. In addition to North Attleborough, this position also works with veterans in Plainville and Wrentham, towns which only have a part-time agent.

Travers served with the U.S. Army for more than 30 years and said he is proud to be both a resident and a veteran. He credited the work done by Nicole Pelletier in the Veterans Agent office, and it would be much harder for him to take on the role without her.

“Nicole is the continuity in the office,” he said to the Town Council at its March 28 meeting. “All I can ask is for your blessing and the opportunity to serve these great veterans in town.”

Town Manager Michael Borg and Economic Development Director Lyle Pirnie conducted interviews with the applicants over three days. In total, 17 applications were received, but one applicant withdrew and another could not provide the needed documentation to prove that they were a veteran. Those that were interviewed ran the gamut from those who were recently discharged to those whose service ended years ago. Some had experience as veterans agents.

In describing the role, Borg said that the agent works with the town’s 2,200 veterans. Borg pointed out the many events held to honor veterans as well as the different monuments to their service, such as those at Barrows Park.

Borg read through Travers’ lengthy resume. During his service, he rose to the rank of Command Sgt. Major and worked for the Army’s Capabilities Integration Center, which is tasked with integrating warfighting capabilities into the military services. He also worked at the National Training Center at Fort Irwin as a team builder and to help soldiers meet the highest skill levels. Borg described Travers as a person with years of experience in social matters and trains soldiers to be the best they can be.

“I had a few sergeant majors, and they were my right hand man in all that I did,” said Borg, a 28-year veteran. “I am very appreciative of this. I wouldn’t be here today without them.”

Above all this, Borg said that Travers was a mentor that those in the service could come to with any problems before they become too difficult to handle.

“Steve Travers is exactly what his resume says: qualified, exceptional beyond all comparison,” said Borg.