North Attleborough Fire Log, March 7-14

North Attleboro - Plainville Rotary Club is seeking out this year's Rotary Club distinguished Service Awards Recipients

For the week of March 7-14, the North Attleborough Fire Department responded to 106 calls for emergency assistance.

  • 59 were EMS responses
  • 10 Motor Vehicle Collisions with reported injuries
  • 1 Search and Rescue
  • 3 calls for mutual aid assistance from local communities

The remaining responses were due to a variety of otherwise unspecified reasons.

Chimney Inspection

It is recommended to have home chimneys inspected and cleaned at least once a year to ensure the safe operation of the fireplace. Creosote build up can cause a fire inside the flue which can then spread to the main structure of a building. Cracks inside brickwork can allow dangerous materials, such as sparks, and gases like carbon monoxide to seep into the building, which can easily result in a dangerous and deadly situation. Enjoy the fireplace, keep warm, and please be safe.