Expense seen as impediment to Town Seal redesign

Photo courtesy of the Town of North Attleborough FaceBook Page
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By Max Bowen-max.bowen@northstarreporter.com

Town Council has reviewed a suggestion to update the Town Seal, but the potential cost, as well as a respect for the community’s history were arguments against this.

During a workshop for Town Council goals held on Feb. 28, Town Manager Michael Borg said that residents had asked him about the possibility of changing the seal—better known as “Helen”—to one that weaves in elements of the town.

Helen isn’t the official name for the female image on the town seal, but something that employees have come to know it as. The seal can be found at Town Hall, other municipal buildings, and on official vehicles.

But at the March 14 meeting, the council seemed largely in favor of keeping the seal as it was. Councilor JoAnn Cathcart was opposed to the idea due to the town’s history and the potential cost to have a new seal made and replace the current one.

It may not be the prettiest seal in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, but it’s there and we’re used to it,” she said.

Councilor Andrew Shanahan said that replacing the seal in town offices and on vehicles didn’t need to happen all at once. He added that a new design could keep the current iconography and modernize it.

We don’t need to revolutionize the seal, and we could find an artist willing to donate their time,” he said. “It will be an expense over time, but it can be done over time.”

In the end, no final decision was made to move forward on the idea, but Council President Justin Pare encouraged any members to contact him if they were interested in forming a committee, with help from the Cultural Council and Historical Commission.