Town Election will see contested race for School Committee

Candidates and their families wave to passing vehicles outside the high school for the 2019 Town Election. Staff Photo/Max Bowen
Re-Elect Mark Gould for Town Council

By Max

Two members of the School Committee will see a challenge in their bid to retain seats in the April 5 Town Election.

John Costello and Ethan Hamilton—the committee chair—have both turned in their papers for re-election. David Chee and Charles R. Dobre-Badobre are also running for the School Committee. These are the only contested seats in this year’s election. The deadline for turning in nomination papers was Feb. 11.

Other seats on the ballot will be the Board of Electric Commissioners, Board of Public Works, and the Park Commission. The Election Commission drew the order for the ballot at its meeting on Thursday, Feb. 17. March 1 is the deadline for ballot questions and March 3 is last day to file withdrawal or objection for nomination for town office. March 16 is the final day to register to vote and April 4 is the deadline to apply for an absentee ballot.

Below is the list of offices and candidates (and the order in which the candidates will appear on the ballot)

Board of Electric Commissioners: vote for two (three-year terms)

Steven Michael Cabral (candidate for re-election) 20 Ash St.

John Maxwell Gould (candidate for re-election) 30 Taylor St.

Board of Public Works: vote for two (three-year terms)

Anthony S. Rinaldi, Jr. (candidate for re-election) 61 Virginia Ave.

Daniel F. Donovan 79 Grove St.

Park Commission: vote for one (three-year term)

Paul M. Rofino (candidate for re-election) 41 Constance Way

School Committee: vote for two (three-year terms)

John Edward Costello (candidate for re-election) 43 Oak St.

David G. Chee 73 Rosemary Road

Ethan P. Hamilton (candidate for re-election) 441 Oakridge Ave.

Charles R. Dobre-Badobre 86 Broad St.

Re-Elect Justin Pare for Town Council, Vote on April 4th