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Local writer releases new book of short stories

Michael Atwood said his newest book comes about from his interest in true crime and the news. Courtesy photo

By Killian Maree-North Star Reporter Intern

Michael J. Atwood, a resident of North Attleborough and a graduate of Bishop Feehan High School has penned a new collection of short mystery thrillers titled “Delirium Fades: Stories.”

The stories in the book span from tales about a housewife’s identity as an IRA agent being revealed to an English teacher being attacked by Russian snipers to a story about a young man who is haunted by his convict father’s obsession with diamonds and gold, and many more. The short stories contained in this collection span almost every genre.

In the past, Atwood has released two works titled the “HiStory of Santa Monica” and the “HiStory of Santa Monica 2.” The books were also collections of short stories but were about people trying to make it in the entertainment industry. Atwood said that his following collections were “loosely memoir-ish.” The stories contained in “Delirium Fades” are different.

In this one, I really wanted to explore that genre of suspense and mystery,” said Atwood.

Many of these stories come from the author’s following of true crime and the news. Atwood says he thinks best when he is driving or exercising, and before writing uses a notebook and flowcharts, connecting plot points as they come to him.

Before moving back to North Attleborough, Atwood graduated from both Boston College and the University of Southern California. As well as being a writer, Atwood is also an English teacher at New Bedford High School. The author says that his favorite part about being both a writer and an English teacher is finding interesting plot points that he can incorporate into his own works from the books he reads with his students.

I’m big on getting stimulated by what I read and then building my own story. You can go back and find an idea where it all started, but you’ll realize that over time that idea totally changes,” said Atwood.

The book is self-published, due to the fact that this gives Atwood more control over what the book looks like and when the book comes out. Atwood said that if he were to wait for a publisher to release his book, it would have taken much longer for it to come out.

Atwood said that if one is considering writing their first book, he highly recommends using a notebook to write down ideas and making sure the story makes sense. In order for the story to be entertaining, Atwood believes the story has to have some logic to it, and that planning out what you are going to write can help with this.

The collection of short stories has already received praise and should hit shelves in January. In the meantime, Atwood will be personally selling copies of his books and will deliver and sign the books locally. Right now, Amazon is the best way to purchase Delirium Fades, and in the future, Atwood hopes to do a local book signing event.

Delirium Fades: Stories can be bought here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09NKH4TBL Michael J. Atwood’s email: atwoodmichaelj@icloud.com.