North Attleborough Fire Log, Dec. 19-26

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From Dec. 19-26, the North Attleborough Fire Department responded to 101 calls for emergency service.

62 were EMS responses

10 motor vehicle collisions with reported injuries

4 smoke detector/ carbon monoxide alarm investigations

The remaining responses were due to a variety of otherwise, unspecified reasons.

On Dec. 20, crews assisted with a fire reported in the town of Plainville. Also on that date, several companies were required to extinguish a dump truck fire on Rt 295.

On Dec. 24, a structure fire on High Street required all on-duty crews, several off-duty callback personnel, and companies from surrounding communities to mitigate. Cumberland, Plainville, Foxboro, Mansfield, and Attleboro assisted at the scene or with station coverage throughout the incident.

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