NAED announces Calendar Contest winners

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The winners of the calendar contest were chosen and will receive their certificates and gift cards at an upcoming meeting of the Board of Electric Commissioners, along with local dignitaries, friends and family. The annual Calendar Contest event is held in October as part of “Public Power Month.” NAED sponsors, in conjunction with the North Attleboro School Department and St. Mary’s Sacred Heart School, a contest for children in third and fourth grade, and also this year the seventh and eighth grades. NAED received 130 drawings and staff enthusiastically viewed all the pictures and picks their favorites.

The theme for this year’s contest was, “Climate Change & the Future of Electricity.” The drawings are featured in NAED’s “2022 Energy Smart” calendars, which are now available. Below is a list of the winners

  • Krithika Atchukola Mrs. Stapleton Grade 3 Amvet
  • Trisha Bhatt Mrs. Agayby Grade 4 Amvet
  • Benjamin Cetrano Mrs. Calistra Grade 4 Falls
  • Avery Cole Mrs. Wojes Grade 3 SMSH
  • Neve Constantine Mrs. Burns Grade 8 SMSH
  • Amelia DelPriore Mrs. Palin Grade 3 Amvet
  • Braelyn Fleming Mrs. Saucier Grade 3 Roosevelt
  • Myles Flores Mr. Nunes Grade 8 MS
  • Salma Hourani Mrs. Scafidi Grade 4 Roosevelt
  • Alisha Jha Mrs. Cupp Grade 3 Amvet
  • Ahmad-Zayd Kinjawi Mrs. Saucier Grade 3 Roosevelt
  • Grace Langlands Mrs. Calistra Grade 4 Falls
  • Advika Mehla Mrs. Cupp Grade 3 Amvet
  • Vedanth Prasanna Mrs. Picard Grade 3 Falls
  • Xyden Procaccianti Mrs. Burns Grade 8 SMSH
  • Audrey Reisler Mrs. Tannock Grade 3
  • Martin Darsh Verma Mrs. Picini Grade 4 Community