North Firefighters help make winter safer for seniors

Buckets of salt were delivered to seniors in town who were at risk of falling or have mobility concerns. 75 elders received the buckets the weekend of Nov. 12 and the hope is to expand the program next year. Courtesy photo
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By Max

As fall begins to make way for winter, the North Attleborough Firefighters have taken steps to help the town’s elders.

Last week, NAFD delivered buckets of salt to 75 seniors in town. Lt. Brian Kelley said that the idea came about at the Student Awareness of Fire Safety Conference, held every year by the Dept. of Fire Services. Kelley said the NAFD put their own spin on the concept—named the Bucket Brigade— and was excited by the response. The program targets elders who might have fall concerns or mobility issues, identified through an online questionnaire. The buckets were delivered the weekend of Nov. 12.

Kelley said two other fire departments are pursuing similar programs, and others have reached out to learn more about it.

If it is as successful as we hope and other departments show interest, we will share everything we can to help them set one up in their community as well,” said Kelley in an e-mail to the Reporter.

Kelley said the plan is to continue the Bucket Brigade each year, expanded beyond the 75 participants this year. The buckets will be collected for redistribution next year and there will be funding available through the annual Senior Safe Grant for more buckets.

We really weren’t sure how much interest it would get, but we’re looking forward to helping many more people next year,” said Kelley.