Plainville’s Country Fair sees strong turnout after a year away

The Heavenly Handmades table was a popular site during the Plainville United Methodist Church's Country Fair, held on Nov. 5. Staff Photo/Max Bowen
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By Max

With COVID-19 still a strong concern, some organizers of the Plainville Country Fair were worried that the crowds wouldn’t return when the doors of United Methodist Church opened.

Instead, they were pleasantly surprised when dozens showed up for the fair, held on Friday, Nov. 5. Rebecca Simon, who has been with the fair for 25 years, said that a lot of people were asking whether it would return.

People were wanting to make sure of what was happening,” said Simon, who ran the silent auction. “There are certain things people are looking forward to.”

The fair includes handmade mittens, scarves, and socks, jewelery, antiques, and homemade fudge, jams, and baked goods. People went from one table to another, looking at what was for sale. Diane Hurd was at the Heavenly Handmades table and said that everyone was happy to see the fair return.

Everyone has missed the fair,” she said.

More than 100 years old, the Country Fair was canceled due to the pandemic. Simon said the decision was expected with so many other events put on hold.

I think we all felt we had to do it,” said Simon. “In the long run you miss it. It’s nice to see everybody again.”

Church Historian Grace Simmons wrote that the ladies of the Plainville United Methodist Church used to serve lunches with two seatings for the factory workers who supported the fair. Many crafted aprons each year for the handmade table. Later, Else Jensen made Christmas wreaths for the fair to sell, back when it was the first weekend in December.

Melody Ellins has been working with the fair for the past 30 years and said they were unsure if anyone would show up.

People lined up one hour before the doors opened,” she said.