North Attleborough Assessor’s Office posts property values for FY 2022

Photo courtesy of the Town of North Attleborough FaceBook Page
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The town has completed proposed assessments for fiscal 2022, and has received preliminary certification from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR). The DOR has granted permission to hold Public Disclosure of the proposed assessments.

The proposed assessments can be viewed online at the Assessor’s Office Page of, or at the Assessors’ Office, located at 43 South Washington St., North Attleborough, MA, upper level from Oct. 28 to Nov. 3.

Anyone wishing to discuss their proposed value with an Assessor should call 508-699-0117, or visit the Assessors’ Office during regular Town Hall hours. This disclosure period provides the opportunity for taxpayers to review their property data and proposed assessment.

The fiscal 2022 property assessments should reflect the fair market value as of Jan. 1, 2021. These assessments are based on market activity that occurred during the calendar year 2020.

The proposed assessments can be viewed online at the link below: