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Community School roof replacement hits delay

The Community School. File photo

By Max Bowen-max.bowen@northstarreporter.com

The long-awaited replacement of the roof at Community School will need a little more time to finish.

Newly-appointed Director of Facilities Chris George told the School Committee that the original completion date of Oct. 29 had to be pushed back to Nov. 15 due to an unexpected delay in getting metal flashing materials. These are used to divert precipitation away from potential weak points in the roof seal. Flashing can be made from materials such as aluminum, lead, or stainless steel.

The extension to the completion date was approved by the Municipal Building Committee at its Sept. 8 meeting.

We’re pretty confident this will be the last one (delay),” said George.

The project was initially supposed to be done over the summer and finished before the school year began. However, a shortage of building materials nationwide resulted in the work beginning in late July. The project is being done by Capeway Roofing.

At the School Committee meeting on Sept. 13, George said that the work was continuing and wasn’t a disruption for students. There is a stairway at the back of the gym that is used by the roofers.

No one goes in unless authorized by me,” he said.

As the roof is replaced, George said that deteriorated parts beneath it are being removed, though few have been found. He said the new roof would last another 50 years. Rain has caused work to halt at times, and George said it also causes delays before and afterward, as the crews need to secure the site against the elements. He said that the new deadline provides both additional time and leeway in the event of other delays.

The 15th is when I see taillights and don’t see them again,” said George.