Scale to be replaced at Recycling Center

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By Max

Earlier this month the Solid Waste Department began the process of replacing the aging scale at the town’s Recycling Center.

According to documents detailing the Request for Proposals process, the department will be accepting proposals through July 16. A site visit is planned on July 9. The goal is to procure a replacement pit-type truck scale used for weighing trash that is brought into the center. In addition, the town would enter into a three-year contract for annual maintenance or replacement of the scale through June 30, 2024.

The center has been open for appointment-only for months and remains so today. According to the town’s web site, those with blue or orange town bags or cardboard can use the center without an appointment. All other items require an appointment. The 2020 Recycling Center sticker is still valid until further notice.

At the June 24 Board of Public Works meeting, DPW Director Mark Hollowell said the goal would be for the facility to be open five or seven days a week with no appointments required.

We’re definitely working to expand the programs and what we do there, compared to what others do,” he said.

Hollowell said the scale at the center has been there since the 1970s and parts are rotted. Board Chairman Michael Thompson said he wants to see the situation resolved as soon as possible. He said many residents have been getting work done on their houses, but with the center’s limited availability, debris is sitting in their backyards. He added that some are renting dumpsters.

Whatever we need to do, I’m in favor of,” said Thompson.

Hollowell said that he has made inquiries on a temporary scale and that it should be within the DPW budget. It may be possible, he said, to reopen in July for any matters not related to the scale.

It’s a priority,” he said.