Slight increase to water and sewer rates will take effect in July

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By Max

Water and sewer bills will see a $30 annual increase after July 1.

The increase will be 2 percent for average water users, and 3 percent for those that use a high amount of water. Sewer rates will see a 3 percent increase. This would amount to an annual increase of $28.82 for average users, or $7.20 per quarterly bill. The Board of Public Works approved these rate increases unanimously at the June 23 meeting.

DPW Director Mark Hollowell said a similar increase was done in January. Oftentimes these rate increases are tied to large projects. North Attleborough is in the planning process to upgrade wells on Kelley Boulevard and Adamsdale road following tests that revealed the presence of man-made chemicals used in mosquito spray and a type of firefighting foam. The repair work is estimated at approximately $4 million per well.

We will turn the Kelley well off until the Adamsdale well is done and then turn it back on,” said Hollowell.

The average annual water bill in North Attleborough is $464. In comparing water rates to neighboring towns, Hollowell said that the only one with a lower water bill is Easton, though the difference is only 50 cents. In the area, the average water bill is $744, with Foxobro the highest at $1,300.

When it comes to sewer rates, North Attleborough is the cheapest. Mansfield has the next lowest rate among area communities, though Hollowell said it’s 35 percent more than North

The rates are pretty low, but they’re staring to creep up,” he said.