GUEST COMMENTARY-Looking at the issue of illegal immigration

North Attleborough High School

Whether you consider it a problem or not, illegal immigration is a very relevant topic in today’s America. Illegal immigration for those who do not know is when a person enters into a country in violation of the immigration laws. The most common country that immigrants entering the United States are from is Mexico. A study in 2017 showed that 10.5 million illegal immigrants came into the United States and 4.9 million of those 10.5 million were from Mexico. This number is significantly rising because immigrants have a false sense of hope that because Biden won the election that he will loosen the tight grip that Trump held on the borders.

Illegal immigration is a very hard problem for most countries with thriving economies to solve. This is because most of the time the people that are in the country illegally are looking for jobs that are not available where they lived before. Both sides have different ways of solving this. Liberals usually try to make it easier for the people that are entering illegally to get in the right way so they are not deported. While conservatives want to lock up the borders and make it significantly harder for these immigrants to enter. In my opinion, I think that if we made a plan that combined both of these ideas that we would not only help this serious problem but we might even be able to solve it if we could just be willing to compromise with one another.

There are a multitude of reasons why illegal immigrants come to the United States. One reason, for example, would be that they get a chance at a better education in the United States than they would be offered in their current country. If they get into the country successfully and have a child in the United States that child will be considered a United States citizen and they will be able to receive a public education. Additionally, they could be trying to escape extreme poverty in their country, looking for employment or just want a better life overall.

In closing I feel that not all illegal immigrants are here to cause trouble or to take advantage of the financial benefits of being in the United States. The majority are just looking for a better life for themselves and their families but have gone about entering the wrong way. There is no easy solution to this problem but I don’t believe that deportation is the answer for each individual.

-This editorial was written by Jason Tronti, a North Attleborough High School student, as part of a civics project. The project required him to inform the community about a topic and get the problem outside of classroom walls. The topic for the project is Illegal immigration.