North Attleborough Town Election unofficial results

A sign outside the high school indicating it as a voting location. Staff Photo/Max Bowen
North Attleboro - Plainville Rotary Club is seeking out this year's Rotary Club distinguished Service Awards Recipients

1,583 ballots cast, 7.37 percent of the registered voters

Town Council (Nine two-year terms)

Justin Pare-1,068

John D. Simmons-1,013

Andrea E. Slobogan-990

Patrick Steven Reynolds-893

Jo Ann Cathcart-869

Darius Gregory-789

Kathleen Theresa Prescott-756

Andrew Shanahan-749

Mark S. Gould, Jr.-713

Daniel J. Donovan-636

John J. Donahue, Jr.-620

Julie A. Boyce-468


Board of Electric Commissioners (Two three-year terms)

John F. Casey-1,050

Craig J. Cameron-614

William J. Carlson-589


Board of Public Works (Two three-year terms)

Michael S. Thompson-1,126

Eric S. Robbins-1,104


Board of Public Works (One-year unexpired term)

No candidates-


Park Commissioners (Two three-year terms)

Michael P. Izzo-1,091

Mark M. Giansante-985


School Committee (Three three-year terms)

Tasha L. Buzzell-1,058

Kathryn T. Hobbs-1.042

Joseph Flaherty-990