Letters of Endorsement for JoAnn Cathcart

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JoAnn Cathcart knows North Attleborough

On April 6, 2021, North Attleborough voters will head to the polls. On the ballot are all nine seats on the Town Council and JoAnn Cathcart is a candidate for re-election. I have known JoAnn for several decades, and appreciate and admire the many years of service that she has given to the town. It is my hope that she is re-elected to the council. She knows the town well, knows its history, the various departments, and how things actually work. She is always prepared for meetings and understands the concepts and procedures. JoAnn cares about North Attleborough, she brings her sense of humor to meetings, and is unfailingly kind. Above all, JoAnn has proven over the years to be an asset to the people of North Attleborough. Please vote for her on April 6 and endorse her commitment to the Council and the Town.

Rob Brennan, Coach Road, North Attleborough


Cathcart walks the walk as Town Councilor

April 6, 2021 the polls will open in North Attleborough and JoAnn Cathcart will be listed as a candidate for re-election on the Town Council. I know JoAnn very well, having grown up in North Attleborough with her and I highly recommend her for this position. JoAnn has a great wealth of knowledge and “hands on” experience about every aspect of North Attleborough. Not only has she “walked the walk” as a lifetime resident, she has also worked in several departments, she was Interim Town Administrator (when Mark Fisher retired) and recently retired as Assistant to the Town Manager.

Anyone you ask will tell you that JoAnn is always open and understanding, very prepared, always researches her subject matter and always tends to shed a little humor in any situation. JoAnn not only knows the town’s history, but she also knows how the process and procedures work to get things accomplished. JoAnn will use her heart and all of her abilities to work for the heart of North Attleborough. I’m asking you to Please remember JoAnn Cathcart when you go to the polls on April 6, 2021.

Enthusiastically and respectfully submitted, Maureen Merigold, Plainville