LETTERS TO THE EDITOR-Support for Town Election candidates

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Simmons not afraid to speak his mind

It is with great enthusiasm that I write in support the re-election of John Simmons as a North Attleborough Town Council.

I am in the fortunate position of having John D. Simmons as my close friend and business partner. Because of the nature of our relationship, I have an opportunity to see John in ways that others do not.

John’s dedication to and record as a North Attleborough Town Councilor is refreshing. He served on several subcommittees, including the Rules, Economic Development and Finance, often needing to determine which meeting to attend because it overlapped with another.

In his council position, work and life, John is not afraid to speak his mind, even if it means standing up for an unpopular, and usually correct, opinion. He prefers discussion over conflict and resolving things by agreement rather than force. John is a workaholic who stays at our office late most nights so that no call or email goes unanswered while also prioritizing being present in the lives of his children and at their games or events. He is a quiet leader, who volunteers his time, money and legal expertise throughout the community and without seeking or wanting recognition.

John once made an impactful statement to me that he “may forget your birthday, but will be there when it matters;” the statement is so accurate because he is that person who will always help, offer advice or check on you with a quick text. John is exactly the person that you want in your corner.

Please consider re-electing John Simmons as a North Attleboro Town Councilor..

Faye Weiner-Jackson North Attleborough

Slobogan has made an impact through a variety of roles

I fully support Andrea Slobogan for Town Council. Behind that friendly smile is a tough, smart and creative mind.

I first became familiar with Annie while serving as the grant chair for the Martin School Association. Year after year, as the chair of the Local Cultural Council, Annie would award grants to allow Martin students the benefit of enrichment experiences that they otherwise might have missed. Similarly, John Simmons and I have been proud sponsors of the Summer Music Series which is organized annually by Annie.

As a local small business owner, I have watched Annie make a significant impact on downtown as a chair of Downtown North Attleboro Businesses. Her spirit lifts fellow small business owners and encourages collaboration that benefits all of us, both as business owners and residents.

I am honored to call Annie my friend and hope that you consider supporting Andrea Slobogan for Town Council.

Faye Jackson, North Attleborough