North drops to Yellow designation as COVID-19 cases decrease

3D illustration of coronavirus
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By Max

After more than two months in the red, North Attleborough has been placed in the Yellow designation by the Department of Public Health.

The change happened due to North’s COVID-19 positivity rate dropping below 5 percent over a two-week period. The town now stands at a rate of 2.96 percent positivity. Infectious cases have decreased as well, from well over 100 a week to only 46 last week. Health Director AnneMarie Fleming has previously said the surge caused by the holidays has ebbed and there are no holidays in the near future that could lead to large gatherings.

At Monday’s Town Council meeting, Town Manager Michael Borg praised the news, and said that he would review opening Town Hall to the public. Since North Attleborough rose to the Red designation, Town Hall was closed to anyone who did not have an appointment.

Hopefully this is the end of this COVID pandemic,” said Borg.

Over the past month, North Attleborough has held vaccination clinics for first responders as well as seniors age 75 and older. However, new regulations from the DPH are limiting local clinics to only those communities hardest hit by the pandemic, of which North is not included.

This means that moving forward, those seeking vaccinations would need to visit the regional sites such as Gillette Stadium and CVS in Seekonk. State Rep. Adam Scanlon (D-North Attleborough) has sent a letter signed by 40 Massachusetts legislators opposing this.

Instead of halting the ability of our communities to vaccinate their most vulnerable populations, we should prioritize the local infrastructure,” the letter stated. “We continue to receive positive feedback on local clinics, and we ask that your administration reconsider the decision to limit the capabilities of these local operations.”