Reverse the Curse planned for pandemic’s one-year anniversary


By Max

It was on March 13, 2020, that the first impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic were felt, as schools closed and businesses were shuttered.

As that fateful day approaches in 2021, Our Open Umbrella is hosting a fundraiser called Reverse the Curse, aimed at helping those in need and creating some positive energy at the same time. Joy Tetreault, a new member of Our Open Umbrella’s board of directors, came upon the idea while searching online for images of open umbrellas. This led her to National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day—which takes place on March 13—and from their the idea was born.

I started thinking and realized the world closed on March 13 last year, Friday the 13th,” said Tetreault. “We can do this as a fundraiser and also tie in the negativity and bad luck that comes with opening an umbrella indoors and Friday the 13th .”

Our Open Umbrella, which runs the Fuel for the Weekend program, launched the fundraiser on Groundhog Day to a tremendous response. More than $1,100 has been raised with a goal of $2,021. The money will go toward Fuel for the Weekend—which provides food to North Attleborough families in need—and has seen a significant increase since the pandemic began.

When Joy came to the group with the idea for the fundraiser, we all loved it,” said Sarah Stone, founder of Fuel for the Weekend and Our Open Umbrella. “We hope people in the community will join us in helping to Reversing the Curse this March.”

Reverse the Curse will culminate on March 13, when people will be encouraged to take photos of themselves with their umbrellas open indoors and post them to social media with the hashtag #ouropenumbrella.

Tetreault joked that for people like her who are superstitious about such things, they can find creative alternatives.

They can open them outside or try something different, like an umbrella hat,” said Tetreault with a laugh. “It’s a fun twist on an old superstition.”

Tetreault said it is still surreal to think about the last year. She remembers when the pandemic began and thought that things would be back to normal in time for the summer. And then summer passed and she assumed fall would mark COVID’s departure.

On a level it may never sink in,” she said.

All donations to Reverse the Curse are tax deductible and can be made on and clicking on the “Reverse the Curse” button.