North Attleborough resident raises hundreds for charity food program

For her 40th birthday, Lyndsey Benharris organized a charity run to benefit the YMCA's Food Access Program. More than 80 people donated, bringing in over $3,000. Courtesy photo
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By Mia Gomes-North Star Reporter Intern

A lifelong resident of North Attleborough, Lyndsey Benharris is no stranger to running marathons and staying active.

This time around, she organized one of her own for her birthday with the help of her husband, Ryan, and the support of their 4-year-old son, Jameson. Her latest feat is successfully raising over $3,000 for the YMCA’s Food Access Program after organizing a marathon for the cause, smashing the family’s original goal of $1,000.

I didn’t expect that. I’m not as vocal or as good at getting donations as my husband is,” said Lyndsey.

She added that six of her closest friends showed their support through donating, while 82 people donated in total.

Lyndsey started running with one of her friends in town in 2007.

I did track in high school, but I didn’t do distance,” she added. “I really just love running and being outside, it’s something my dad and I have always done together. He’s a triathlete, so he’s kind of been my coach.”

While she’s never organized a charity run before, Benharris has a history of participating in them.

I ran a marathon for a cause in Vermont,” she said. “I don’t remember what the cause was, but I do know there was a cause.”

The YMCA’s Food Access Program is a partner of the Greater Boston Food Bank, dedicated to ensuring that no one in the community goes to bed hungry, according to the program’s web site. On the topic of why Lyndsey chose this cause to support, she said that her dad, who she runs with told her that her parents donated their stimulus check [to the YMCA], so she figured she make a donation for her birthday.

While she’s no stranger to running, Benharris wasn’t originally planning a birthday marathon, adding that doing this was very much on a whim

I really enjoy running, so I thought ‘If I’m turning 40, I might as well run 40 miles,’” she said.