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Passerby replaces steps at Grace Episcopal Church

Rick Mabie saw the damaged stairs and offered to replace them, free of charge. Courtesy photo
The old steps at Grace Episcopal Church had to be chained off due to safety concerns after they began falling apart. Courtesy photo

Submitted by Grace Episcopal Church

2020 has been such a difficult year for everyone, but especially for a man named Rick Mabie, a young father of two energetic young boys, and a skilled mason who is looking for work.

Recently as Mabie drove by the church, he could not help but notice the chain that ran across the front steps. Those steps were literally falling apart and had been deemed dangerous. With sad hearts, the church’s Building and Grounds team had placed the chain there for safety reasons, knowing that the cost of repairing them was more than could be afforded.

Now most people would just drive on by, but Mabie is not like most people. He knew he could do something about those steps. He returned to check out the sign and phone number, and quickly called the Church Administrator to introduce himself and to ask for a meeting to discuss the project. Upon interviewing this sincere young man, the Building and Grounds Team thanked him, expressed that they would love to have him to do the job, but that there was no money to pay him.

Here’s where the miracle comes in. Mabie said he would repair our steps at no cost to us stating that “No church should ever have their front steps chained off.” An agreement had been reached.

Mabie went right to work. Using his own tools, he labored for four full days, aided by a parishioner, who could tell that he knew what he was doing. The final job is truly extraordinary.

Mabie is presently unemployed. Several parishioners bought gift cards for Rick to use at Dunkin’ Donuts and Home Depot, along with pizza for Mabie and his young boys. But the church wants to do more for this wonderfully caring man.

So, they are asking that if people are able to help, please donate a gift card to a gas station, a pharmacy, or Wal-Mart. Just send it in to the church office along with a little note that says, “for Rick.”

Do you know someone who has a business that needs a skilled mason? Or does your home need repair? Mabie says, ‘No job is too small’. This was a true miracle.

Rick Mabie’s company is called BRick Mabie Masonry. He can be reached at 774-217-3324 or brickmabiemasonry@gmail.com.