LETTERS TO THE EDITOR-Endorsements for John Simmons

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Residents can trust John Simmons’ approach

I have been proud to see John Simmons run for State Representative of our 14th Bristol District. In his calm and professional manner, he has led his campaign team into neighborhoods all over the district. Watching John listen to residents’ concerns for what matters to them, there has been a natural ability to relate to the situations of so many families and individuals, because these are also John’s experiences.

None of this surprises me, this is the John Simmons I have come to know. Over the past several years I have watched him grow his family, grow his business, and greatly expand his public service to the community.

John has solidified ties with the community in areas that matter—raising funds for the WWII Memorial Pool, collecting food for our local pantries, or helping a resident with town related questions, all done to help others and to give back to our community.

On Town Council, John’s work has been key. His appointment to three sub-committees, in addition to serving the council as the school committee representative, has proven the value of his contributions. Working in these important roles, John has likely attended more meetings, and provided more input on a vast array of subjects, than any other councilor. Residents can trust John’s reasonable approach and rational input.

In thinking about the attributes of someone I want representing the area, I look to see the life advancements they have attained, the challenges they have overcome, how they can relate to the needs of the area’s residents. John has turned his experiences into positive results, turned challenges into opportunities, and is someone we can trust to work towards outcomes for local success.

Please join me in adding balance to the Massachusetts Legislature by voting for John Simmons on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Mike Lennox, North Attleborough


John Simmons reflects the community’s views and concerns

Voters in the 14th Bristol District have genuine reason to be excited. For the first time in most all of our recent memories, we have a genuine, honest-to-goodness competitive race to determine who will be our next State Representative on Beacon Hill.

We thank Betty Poirier for the stellar representation afforded us these past 20, and we are heartened by the fact we get to make the important choice of who will succeed her. And the choice is clear. This is a contest of contrasts.

On the one side, the state Democratic Party has thrown its full support behind a young, ambitious candidate named Adam Scanlon. On the other side, we have Republican John Simmons, a candidate with considerable maturity and experience.

But the contrast goes beyond youth and ambition vs. maturity and experience. In an era of political rancor, vitriol, and divisiveness, we have one candidate who speaks with a message of unity.

When he points out “I am who I seek to represent,” Simmons brings a refreshing reminder of how government and politics is supposed to work. Rather than espousing a radical left (or right) agenda, Simmons focuses on those things that unify and bring us together rather than those that divide us.

He is focused on issues of common interest. He is focused on those things that we have in common like education, public safety, and economic development. He is focused on the shared values and viewpoints that bind us, not those that separate us.

And, perhaps most important, his candidacy reflects the value of balance in representation vs. one-party rule. North Attleborough voters have shown they, too, recognize the importance of that balance at the State House by sending a minority party candidate to represent us for more than four decades.

Now is our opportunity to continue that tradition, play our role in maintaining a semblance of balance, and support a candidate who focuses on that which united us rather than divides us.

We face unprecedented challenges as a community and as a state. We live in a time that calls for someone who is balanced, experienced, and understands the role of government. That candidate is John Simmons.

I am voting for the candidate that understands and reflects the views, concerns, and challenges of our community. I am voting for John Simmons and ask that you do the same…for all of us.

Respectfully, Mitch MacDonald vice-chair, North Attleborough Charter Review Committee