Town Manager looks at reorganization to improve efficiencies

North Attleborough Town Hall
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By Max

In the weeks ahead, Town Manager Michael Borg will investigate ways to streamline town services.

At the Dec. 14 Town Council meeting, Borg plans to present a plan to reorganize some departments with the goal of making them more efficient. He’s already met with some department heads, including Solid Waste and the Department of Public Works. In some cases, reorganization may be done by combining departments or appointing directors to oversee multiple offices, such as those that deal with housing.

They could see new efficiencies if they pooled resources,” said Borg at the council’s Oct. 14 meeting. “There are potential efficiencies that can be gained by that.”

Borg also suggested placing the Animal Control Officer under the auspices of the town’s police department. He said this would make more resources available for incidents such as deer strikes.

I want them [the department heads] to examine the potential and see how we can do better,” said Borg. “There are some things that absolutely make sense.”

Borg cited some changes that have already been made, such as a finance team that works collaboratively across departments. One area he is very interested in is facilities management. He said that the schools have fewer facilities than the town, though the schools have a facilities director. On the town side, such matters are referred to the department managers in each building.

The council expressed support of the plan. Council President Keith Lapointe said it’s good to not do this as a “knee jerk reaction.” Vice President Justin Pare said this is the biggest opportunity for the new form of the town’s government.

This is a big thing,” said Pare. “We need to know the impacts, but I like the approach.”