North Attleborough Scout replaces walkway at Barrow’s Memorial Park

The new walkway at Barrow's Memorial Park was done by North Attleborough Boy Scout Evan Tino for his Eagle Scout project. Tino worked with several members of his troop on the walkway over the weekend.
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By Max

Evan Tino’s idea for an Eagle Scout project was born of a family connection and desire to benefit the town’s veterans.

Tino, a member of North Attleborough Scout Troop 23, worked with other Scouts to replace the paving stones at Barrow’s Memorial Park on S. Washington Street. The memorial honors those who served in the Korean and Vietnam wars and Operation Desert Storm. Set on a grassy hill next to the police station, it includes benches and large stone memorials for those who served in the three wars. The new stones will provide wheelchair access to the memorial and its fire pit. Tino said his grandfather served in the Vietnam War.

I figured it would be a good way to honor his legacy in my hometown,” he said.

After his proposal was approved by the Troop leaders, Tino got to work with the fundraising portion. For this, he launched a GoFundMe page which has raised almost $1,800 to date. Work on the site including digging a path and adding layers of sediment for the new paving stones, which were placed over the weekend. Tino said he had a lot of help from his fellow Scouts.

A lot of people were willing to support the project,” said Tino. “I had a lot of donations.”

Tino joined Scouts in the second grade along with some of his friends. As time passed, some withdrew from Scouting, but Tino decided to stay. He said that the other Troop members and he became good friends, and leadership and social skills are among the lessons learned.

It’s a really good code to live by,” said Tino.