LETTERS TO THE EDITOR-Restaurant Day and Simmons endorsement

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Restaurant Day not to be held this year

I hope this correspondence finds you healthy and doing well in 2020. This has been a very difficult year for everyone, especially businesses that have struggled over the past few months.

As you recall, Betty’s Angels in collaboration with the Downtown Associates of North Attleborough and Downtown North Attleborough Revitalization has been organizing a Restaurant Day for the past seven years whereby patrons visit their favorite local restaurant and then the restaurant was gracious enough to donate a portion of their proceeds for that day in order to benefit the local food pantry – Lenore’s Pantry in North Attleborough.

Unfortunately, given the current state of the economy over these past few months as well as dining restrictions that have placed a hardship on restaurants, we have decided it was best not to have a Restaurant Day this year. This would have marked our eighth annual event. However, we do want to take this time to thank you for all your past support—Lenores’ Pantry is a vital resource to many individuals and families who live in the community and with your help over the past seven years, we raised a total of $46,277

Thank you again and I wish the best for you as the future unfolds. It is my hope that Restaurant Day will be a continued occurrence in the near future. I am forever grateful for your continued willingness to listen and especially for all your support.

Many thanks, Betty Poirier

Simmons helps the everyday people of the community

I have known John Simmons for several years. I knew him first as a parent. His children attended Joseph Martin School, where I work. As the years went on, I came to know him in another capacity. He was one of a group of men who belonged to the Masonic Lodge here in town. They quietly raised money so that they could create a fund to help North Attleborough residents in need.

A few years back, John and his group took time out of their day to meet with the North Attleborough school nurses to let us know that this group could help some of our vulnerable students. Some needed eyeglasses, some needed money to get to a doctor’s appointment. Another student going through cancer treatment needed a computer to access his schoolwork long before laptops were a commonplace.

This group of men, led by John, did not want any attention or accolades for their work. This is the kind of man that John Simmons is. He makes himself available to help the everyday people of our community. Serving on our town’s Council, he is very transparent and is always making sure that the people get the information they need to be informed and safe. He is a man of integrity. He’s a man that you can count on to get things done. I know that on Election Day I will be voting for him as my next State Representative. I hope you’ll join me too- you won’t be sorry!

Joanne MacDonald, RN