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Planning Board reviews traffic impacts from proposed marijuana store


By Max Bowen-max.bowen@northstarreporter.com

It is estimated that the proposed Holland Brands recreational marijuana store slated for 1320 S. Washington Street will generate up to 1,000 vehicle trips a day.

During a virtual hearing for the business held by the Planning Board on Sept. 3, proponents presented a traffic study done by Vanasse & Assosicates. Utilizing traffic data from before the COVID-19 pandemic, it was determined that the increase to the busy road would only amount to 2 percent, given that it already sees approximately 31,000 trips a day. During the peak business hours it’s estimated that there will be 100 vehicle trips during the weekdays and 160 on Saturday, according to Shaun Kelly of Vanasse & Assosicates.

It’s not a notable increase,” he said of the impacts.

Kelly added that the traffic will likely decrease after the first two weeks of business, and police details or parking attendants could be arranged if needed during the busier times.

The project entails the redevelopment of an existing landscaping and contractor yard located on the eastern side of S. Washington Street (Route 1). This includes the re-purposing of the existing 11,330 square foot building in order to accommodate a proposed adult-use marijuana dispensary.

Comprehensive plans will be provided to the police, according to Michael Drayer of Holland Brands. He said that inspections will be done of any product that is brought in, and the state has its own criteria to be met.

From the day a special permit is issued, it will be 12-18 months until the doors can be opened,” said Drayer. “People think these businesses are cash cows, but they take time, patience, money, and risk to move them forward. We need to satisfy every requirement.”

The hearing will be continued on Thursday, Sept. 17, in a virtual meeting.