Hotel proposed for South Washington Street

A 94-unit Holiday Inn has been proposed for 777 S. Washington St. Nearby residents have expressed support for the project. Staff Photo/Max Bowen
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By Max

The Planning Board held a brief hearing for a hotel to be built at 777 S. Washington Street.

Located at the corner of Quinn Street and Route 1, the project calls for a Holiday Inn to be constructed on the 154,000 square-foot site. Attorney David Manoogian, representing the developers, informed the board at its virtual meeting on Aug. 20 that the Zoning Board reviewed the plans and granted a variance on the site. The property is zoned for both commercial and residential projects.

Brian Dunn with MBL Land Development and Permitting said that the hotel will be four stories with 94 units and 95 parking spaces. A number of changes will be made to the site, including a new water filtration system to clean stormwater from the roof and site before being discharged into the Seven Mile River. The board asked about the possibility of building a sidewalk, as the area sees some foot traffic, and were told Mass Highway would need to be contacted since Route 1 is a state road.

The project sits close to a number of residential properties on Quinn Road, and neighbors were in support of it. Manny Cavaco of 10 Quinn St. presented a petition signed by 12 of the 14 residents expressing their desire that the hotel be built. He said that given the other possibilities for the land, such as a fast food chain, this was the better option. Development would also allow them to tie into the sewer system.

In general, the 12 of us are in favor,” said Cavaco. “We recognize that this parcel of land will have something built on it at some time.”

The project was continued to the board’s meeting on Sept. 17.