Socially-distanced birthday parties continue in North Attleborough

For Aria Aurant's drive-thru birthday on Sunday, May 17, friends and family decorated their vehicles in a number of creative ways. Staff Photo/Max Bowen

Abby Woodbury [left] with her friend Arianna at her drive-thru birthday party on Sunday, May 17. Staff Photo/Max Bowen
By Max

It’s become a common site across North Attleborough and many other communities, as friends and family ensure that birthdays do not pass without a proper celebration.

On Sunday, two young residents saw a parade pass by with signs and decorations to mark their special day. In the late morning of Sunday, May 17, Aria Durnant, 7, stood outside her home and waved excitedly, wearing a shirt that read “It’s my 7th birthday: Quarantine Edition.” People attached signs to their cars or stood through the sunroofs to wave to Durant. One van had a large spray-painted sign that read “Happy Birthday, Aria.” Durant said she had been part of one these types of parties recently.

Aria Durant waved to friends and family during her drive-thru birthday party on Sunday, May 17. Staff Photo/Max Bowen

I went to my friend Nora’s party,” she said.

Later that day, Abby Woodbury got to see several of her friends and loved ones outside her house. She held a sign that read “Honk, it’s Abby’s 12th birthday,” and many people did just that. The event was a surprise organized by her parents.

I had no idea,” she said excitedly as she was joined by her best friend Arianna.

An excited group of Abby Woodbury’s friends and family joined in her drive-thru birthday on May 17. Staff Photo/Max Bowen