North Attleboro Kid’s Day canceled, but plans to return in 2021

Thousands enjoyed the rides, food, and games at last year's Kid's Day. This year's event has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. File photo
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By Max

The North Attleboro Firefighters Kids Day is joining the list of events to be canceled due to the current pandemic.

In a statement posted to the event’s Facebook page yesterday, it was written that the decision to cancel was a difficult one, but it was the responsible thing to do.

Those of you who have supported us through our entire history know that this was a very difficult decision for the committee to make, however you also know that we have had rough times in the past and have bounced back better than before,” the statement read. “This will be the case when we return in 2021.”

Kid’s Day has been a prominent event for nearly 40 years, drawing crowds of thousands from North Attleborough and surrounding communities. Along with a number of rides, games, and food vendors, there is the Touch-A-Truck event, a fire truck parade, and musical performances. And of course, the fireworks, which light up the sky and can be seen from all over.

Response to the statement was a mixture of disappointment and understanding. Though sad to hear the news, many commented that the choice to cancel Kid’s Day makes sense given current events and they looked forward to next year.

The four-day event held in July is the main fundraiser for the North Attleboro Firefighters Kids Day Association. The event brings in between $30,000-$70,000 annually. This money is then distributed to families in need, whether that be for medical reasons or a job loss, as an example. In one case, money was given to construct a wheelchair ramp for a home.

Though the event won’t be held, monetary donations are still being accepted. These can be done electronically or mailed in. No one from Kids Day will go door-to-door to ask for donations or make phone calls.

We are all in a difficult place at this time and as a committee we understand not everyone may be in a position to make a donation,” the statement read. “Our community needs us now more than ever.”

The public is encouraged to visit for further updates, as well the event’s Facebook page.

Donations can be mailed to:

North Attleboro Firefighters Kids Day Association

P.O. Box 3215

North Attleboro, MA 02761

Electronic donations can be sent via’S-DAY.php.