South Attleboro Village Lions make, deliver hundreds of masks

Members of the South Attleboro Village Lions have made and delivered more than 1,000 masks, made from kits provided by Joanne Fabric. Courtesy photo
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Masks have been donated to first responders, those working in elder care facilities, and many more. Courtesy photo

The South Attleboro Village Lions formed an army of women affectionately known as Mr. Rogers Neighborhood to combat COVID-19. Mr Rogers would talk about feelings and things we never really wanted to talk about i.e. scary things.

This is a reality we can’t hide from and we need to face head-on,” said Lion Debby Horner. “We need to make a difference in our communities to keep the most vulnerable safe.”

Joanne Fabric offered free mask kits. Many Lions met in the parking lot, got kits and planned how to sew and mass-produce. The free kits were not enough, so they bought their own material and supplies. The sewing machines are humming. Lions are able to make 10 masks from a kit designed to make five. Pipe cleaner and interfacing have been added for more protection. All material was washed and ironed. More than 1,000 masks have been sewn and delivered.

Masks have been made, donated and delivered to the following:

  • Sturdy Memorial, Kent/Pulmonary, and RI Hospital Trauma, Providence VA
  • Town/city nurses in North Attleborough and the CVNA in Attleboro.
  • Lunch servers for the public and schoolchildren along with the bus drivers who deliver the meals, as well as church kitchens and Lions working in kitchens and pantries.
  • Department of Correction workers
  • Post office workers, including mail carriers
  • Those working in veterinarian offices and pet food stores
  • Workers in three Stop & Shops
  • Three banks
  • An infectious disease nurse
  • The following nursing homes—Life Care, Maples, Chapel Hill, Benchmark, Garden Place, Pleasant Street Rest Home, Madonna Manner, The Providence Veterans Dental Clinic [if they are not working on emergencies, they are medicine runners for the vets from the pharmacy to cars], food drivers who are taking food to kids.
  • Those who work on the frontlines known to the Lions. This includes nurses, vet techs, x-ray techs, a family in Christopher Heights, dialysis techs and even a family that was going to be having a baby that needed their own masks.
  • Masks were also made available to Village Lions and members of the South Attleboro Lions, as well as friends and families. Many are first responders and essential personnel

Remember these words from Mister Rogers, “When I was a little boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me…..look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

The South Attleboro Village Lions are the extraordinary helpers Mister Rogers was talking about in these unimaginable times.