Fire department sends COVID-19 care packages to seniors

The North Attleborough Fire Department made care packages for seniors. These include pamphlets on fire safety and the logistics of COVID-19, toilet paper, and face masks. Courtesy photo
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By Aidan Judge–North Star Reporter Intern

Fire Chief Chris Coleman and the North Attleborough Fire Department are bringing change to the community through care packages for the elderly.

Coleman said the project started around two weeks ago when the COVID-19 pandemic began reaching new heights in areas close to North Attleborough.

During this pandemic, we are trying to do something that was important to our seniors.” said Coleman. “My coordinators came in and they wanted to put together care packages for our seniors, and I thought that was a great idea.”

The packages include a wide variety of materials for seniors, such as informational pamphlets on fire safety and the logistics of COVID-19, toilet paper, and face masks for traveling outside of their homes, all paid for by a reallocated grant that was given to the department.

The fire department had received a senior safe grant for seniors, to be used for something throughout the year,” said Coleman.

Originally, the grant was to be used to create a program would provide senior citizens with resources on the prevention of falling, such as non-slip socks donated from Sturdy Memorial Hospital in Attleboro.

Hopefully, when we get the funding again we can start up the fall prevention program once more,” Coleman said.

When asked about the creation process for these packages, Coleman pointed to the determination and creativity of his fire crew.

You know, I think it was just the resilience of my crew, and that they were thinking outside the box,” Coleman said. “Firefighters have to be able to think on their feet and be able to improvise, because everyday we come into work with different avenues, and not every day is the same. The way for us to overcome stuff is to adapt.”

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues on, the department hopes to continue to adapt and show its support to the community.