Town Manager Michael Borg focused on the betterment of North Attleborough

Town Clerk Kevin Poirier [left] swears in Town Manager Michael Borg on Monday, March 2. Borg spoke after this, citing the potential of the town and his commitment to its people. Staff Photo/Max Bowen
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Town Council President Keith Lapointe makes opening remarks at the swearing in of Town Manager Michael Borg on Monday, March 2. Staff Photo/Max Bowen

By Max Bowen

The work begins now.

Michael Borg—sworn in as the first town manager of North Attleborough—offered his commitment to the citizens and employees of the community. He said there will be no hesitation to act and that North Attleborough would set the example for the rest of the commonwealth.

North Attleborough is indeed a very special place,” he said at the ceremony, held at Town Hall on March 2. “It’s important that we lead in everything we do.”

Prior to being named the new town manager, Borg served as a colonel in the U.S. Army, leading battalions and brigades in active deployments. In his resume he stated that he “brought every soldier home to their families.” Following this, he went to work for the city of Providence, R.I., as the director of emergency management in 2015 and moving to different positions over the years.

Town Council President Keith Lapointe spoke highly of Borg’s experience and that he was looking forward to how he would help develop the town’s story.

It’s a truly historic and exciting moment,” he said.

Borg said he would work to progress the town’s new form of government and credited those in the many departments and schools. He said the town would embrace innovation and improve economic development and support any business, from the ‘mom and pop’ stores to large corporations.

We understand that your success is our success,” said Borg.

From filling potholes to providing clean water to caring for the environment, Borg said the town needs to be a customer service-oriented organization. Ensuring law enforcement and the fire department have the best equipment and that education is always improved upon are also among his goals.

No matter the task at hand, North Attleborough will set the example in all that we do,” he said. “This is our call to action. Today we begin that conversation.”