Council approves request for additional liquor licenses

North Attleborough Town Hall

By Max Bowen

To keep up with growing business development, North Attleborough will petition State Rep. Betty Poirier to seek three additional liquor licenses.

Acting Town Manager Michael Gallagher said the town has reached its limit of these licenses, which is determined by a community’s population—one license for every 3,000 people. Two of the new licenses would be for on-premises use, and Gallagher said no one has applied for them. The third would be for take-out and a business has expressed interest, but has yet to make a formal application.

Those two would be for us to have in our pocket in case someone wanted to open one down the road,” said Gallagher.

The Town Council unanimously approved a measure to send a letter to Poirier asking her to request that the Legislature approve the new licenses. These licenses carry an annual fee for renewal.

There are different types of liquor licenses available—all-alcohol or strictly beer and wine, and can be used for on-premises consumption or a takeout business, such as a liquor store. At this time, the town has issued 28 all-alcohol licenses for on-premises and six for beer and wine. For takeout businesses, the town has issued six of each type.

Gallagher also told the board that his office is working with another business that may choose not to renew its license, which would make it available for another.

Each type of license carries an annual fee, which have remained the same for approximately 20 years. On-premises licenses for all-alcohol and beer and wine are $1,250 and $500, respectively, plus a $30 common victualer license. For package stores, the licenses are $900 for all-alcohol and $500 for beer and wine. This spring, these fees will be reviewed.

It’s a driver for the downtown area,” said Gallagher.