North Attleborough Fire Log, Jan. 13-26

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For the week between Jan. 13 and Jan. 20, the North Attleborough Fire Department was requested for 99 emergency responses.

  • 54 of which were EMS in nature, with 31 requiring advanced life support
  • Nine motor vehicle accidents
  • Three mutual aid responses to the communities of Norton, Cumberland, and Plainville.

    The rest of the responses were due to a variety of otherwise unspecified reasons.

For the week of Jan. 19-26, the North Attleborough Fire Department responded to 85 calls for emergency response.

  • 63 were emergency medical services requests, with 46 requiring advanced life support interventions.
  • Seven motor vehicle collisions resulting in injuries
  • Three residential lock out assistance requests

The remaining responses were due to a variety of other factors including arcing wires, detector activations, odor investigations, and assistance needed by the physically disabled.